Our Story

At 12 London Road, we provide a new and rejuvenated approach to pre-owned car sales. Our team provides a friendly, contemporary and personable service, delivered in a relaxed and professional environment. Here’s a little insight into the unique backgrounds of our team, and a look into the make-up of 12 London Road.


Graeme is a member of the team that enjoys the finer things in life. When he isn’t buying his latest classic car, he can normally be found starting his latest project. He has an exceptional eye for detail and is our creative influence at 12 London Road. He also runs an established homeware business with his partner while juggling family life.


After over a decade at Twelve London Road, Dave is the resident stalwart of the business with over 20 years retail experience. Something of a cultured individual, Dave has an enviable back-catalogue of travelling experiences, and he can always share some wild and wonderful knowledge about a far corner of the world. After a youth spent enjoying a variety of sports, he’s now most likely to be found spending time with his young family, and enjoying a quieter life when he can.


Gordon is our sales manager and resident car enthusiast. He is always on hand to offer his opinion on the latest models as well as being a keen Formula One and Manchester United fan. Please don’t hold it against him! Outside of work, he can be found indulging his love of guitar and music and finding any excuse to spend time with friends and family at the local public house.


Robert has an extensive retail background including the clothing industry and property. He has a passion for cars and an unwavering ambition to one day have a collection of his own. He often has a story to share and is a great character to have in the showroom.


Mark is a recent addition to the team after spending more than 50 years in the car industry. You could say that Mark was born into it. His father was a keen racer of Mini’s back in the 1970’s and Mark is still an avid follower of Formula 1 to this day. Mark was previously the sales manger at Audi for over 10 years. He is our cultured member of staff with a passion for collecting watches and art.


Sarah is the administrator of the business. She is blessed with an innate sense of organisation and always available to help and offer advice wherever needed personally or professionally. She spends time away from the office enjoying life with her family and dog, as well as being an enthusiastic runner.


Chris is the logistical brain of the office. Having spent most of his career as a fleet manager, Chris is the A to Z of the business. He utilises his wealth of experience to best organise the busy day-to-day goings. Chris enjoys watching his beloved West Ham United often from behind the sofa!


Rhonda drives the preparation at Twelve London Road by liaising with technicians and ordering parts during our extensive preparation process. She’s a key member to maintaining the standards we are so proud. Rhonda previously worked in the medical industry before moving to the UK from South Africa. She can often be seen at weekends riding her motorbike.


“Father of the forecourt” Harris is responsible for the aesthetics of our site and is in charge of the final valeting of much of our stock, taking pride in his own exacting standards. Harris has been with us for over ten years and can turn his hand to almost any mechanical task.


Sam recently joined the team after many years of working in the car industry as a detailer. He previously worked for Kia and Volkswagen, bringing his wealth of main dealer experience to us.


Always smiling, always organising! Sheila is our head of human resources, as well as keeping everyone in line and on time. After an impressive career at IBM, Sheila opted for a more relaxed environment in a smaller business to keep her busy – as if looking after “Nugget” (her rather lively pup) wasn’t enough!


Former driver to the rich and famous, Michael now drives part-time here at Twelve London Road. With his bubbly demeanour, Mickey often treats us to a morning story to complement our coffees. In another life, Mickey was a well-established painter and decorator around the Ascot area – All of that is in between his holidaying and numerous rounds of golf!


Gerry is the newest member of our team, having come on board as a driver, invited by his good friend and now fellow TLR team member, Rodney. Gerry is a pleasure to work with, blessed with an easy-going nature and calm professionalism, he’s the perfect man to ferry a carefully maintained vehicle from service centre to MOT bay, before it becomes yours.


Formerly a business owner himself, he understands the importance of teamwork and is always on hand to offer advice built from his wealth of experience. He regularly worked in the middle east and often has an interesting story about some of the places he has visited. Stewart’s catalogue of knowledge and expertise offers a great help to the everyday running of the business. He’ll be more than happy to share a story when he delivers your vehicle.


Eddie is a devoted family man. He has now spent many years with us as one of our in-house drivers. Always with an eye for the luxury vehicles, Eddie takes real pleasure in his work and is often on hand to offer an opinion on any of the vehicles he collects. He may well be dropping your new vehicle to your doorstep with our nationwide delivery service.


John was introduced to us through a local dealership we have worked in association with over several years. He is a retired Salvation Army officer holding the position of Major. He has a passion for composing music and plays several instruments, including the trumpet and piano. He is happy to deliver your vehicle to any part of the country and enjoy the train ride home listening to his latest piece of music.


Ray is one of the newest members of our team, having come on board as a driver, invited by his good friend and now fellow TLR team member, Eddie. Ray spent the majority of his career in the Army as a warrant officer, so punctuality and efficiency comes as standard. He is calm and professional, he’s the perfect man to ferry a carefully maintained vehicle from service centre to MOT bay, before it becomes yours. He enjoys a round of golf when he’s not in the car.


Stuart was a black cab driver for over 20 years in London. There’s not many parts of London that he doesn’t know. He has previously spent time as a delivery driver for Honda before joining the team in 2022. He enjoys watching Manchester United in his spare time.