Supporting Charities

Here at Twelve London Road, we have decided to support three local charities. The charities are Help4Harry, Make-A-Wish and the RSPCA. Every month we will donate £10 from every extended warranty purchased. The customer purchasing the warranty will be allowed to choose which charity receives the donation. At the end of the working month, Twelve London Road will then match the amounts raised to each charity. Please read the information below to learn more about our chosen charities.

Help4harry - Twelve London Road

Harry’s Story

Harry celebrated his 5th birthday in August 2013, and like many 5 year olds, enjoyed his party running around with his friends. He’s a very cheeky chap who will try and get away with anything using his smile. He’s into everything! He currently plays football after school and often takes great delight in winding up his 7-year-old brother Jack. It was often pointed out that Harry’s calves and legs were bigger than most children his age, so family and friends would joke that Harry will soon find his way to the rugby pitch. Unfortunately, Harry couldn’t quite keep up with his friends when running, so after various GP appointments, Harry had a blood test.

When everything changed

On the 1st June 2013, our world fell apart. We were told it was serious and more tests were needed but it was suspected Harry has Muscular Dystrophy. Two months later following a muscle biopsy, it was confirmed Harry has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. We now know by his 10th birthday, it is likely he will be in a wheel chair and his upper body will then begin to shut down due to this rare and painful condition leaving him locked inside his own body. As a muscular degenerative disease, eventually his heart and lungs will fail, almost certainly before he is 30. The most difficult part is there is no cure. It will happen and it is 100% fatal. There is a large amount of research currently taking place in the UK and abroad but as yet the only treatment is a steroid program to help manage the disease.


Thanks to the support from friends and family, they have launched a website, Help4Harry, as a focus point where they keep you updated on Harry’s progress, raise awareness and most importantly raise funds to help those at the forefront of the research into treatments and hopefully one day, a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Enjoying the now

Whilst it is impossible to forget what the future holds for Harry, we must not forget how Harry is now.

Concentrating too much on the years to come will just mean we will all miss out on fun and laughter today and tomorrow. If you spend any time with Harry he will make you smile, he’s a cheeky chap!

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a neuromuscular condition caused by the lack of a protein called dystrophin. It is a serious condition that causes progressive muscle weakness. About 100 boys are born with Duchenne muscular dystrophy in the UK each year.

Make A Wish Logo - Twelve London Road


Our story started in 1986. Inspired by the story of Chris Greicius, a young boy fighting leukaemia in the US, Make-A-Wish UK was formed to grant magical wishes to seriously ill children in the UK. We worked from offices above a shop in the town of Camberley, Surrey, and relied on the generous support of local volunteers to help us grant wishes. We granted four wishes in our first year. The very first wish was granted to Anthony from Liverpool, who went on a magical trip with his family to meet the Disney characters in Disney World Florida.

As word spread about our work, more and more people began coming forward to volunteer their time.

In our second year, we granted 13 wishes. We took on our first full-time member of staff in 1989.

And by the end of our fourth year, with the support of a growing team of passionate volunteers, we’d granted 100 magical wishes.

Our volunteers would spend nearly every weekend out and about across the country – giving presentations, accepting cheques, and spreading the word about Make-A-Wish.

And as more families turned to us, we began setting up regional offices and taking on even more volunteers so we could keep granting wishes. There was never a dull moment.

We’re still based in Camberley today. And volunteers are still at the heart of our organisation – their kind support has helped us grant over 9,000 magical wishes to date. Please visit our website to read about some of the magical wishes we’ve granted.

Visit Make-A-Wish

Rspca Logo - Twelve London Road


The RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre was established in 1965, and left in trust by Mrs Barbour Paton as a sanctuary for stray, abandoned and unwanted animals.

The Millbrook Animal Centre is now managed by Mrs Sue Walters and her dedicated team of staff and volunteers. The centre has 56 kennels, a cattery and a small animal house, providing shelter to approximately 100 animals per day.

We have been lucky enough to have a brand new Small Animal House built for us, which has been brilliant for our smaller residents. We have been able to take in more small animals due to the added space – we are hoping to get an outdoor aviary and a ferret play pen next.

A couple of years ago, we have undergone an ambitious redevelopment of one of our kennel blocks, so this now means that we have some much better facilities for our dogs – in the future we hope that enough money can be raised to redevelop all of our kennels.

Recently we have had a new stable block built for us. This enables us to look after up to 10 horses, which is much needed as there is an ever increasing number of unwanted and abandoned horses in the country.

The most recent build on site has been an outdoor play area for the cats; it is thanks to the kind and generous donations by the public that this has been made possible. The long stay cats really like a change of environment and the chance to explore a bigger area and play with new toys.

In the near future, we will be developing our reception building to not only benefit the visiting public but also give the staff and volunteers a larger, more comfortable staff room. Our shop will be bigger, giving us the space to stock more products for our clients to buy for their pets. Reception will be more inviting for potential adopters with much more information on offer, as well as space for a dog or two to sit with the staff during the day, giving them the opportunity to have a break from their kennel.

Visit RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre